Monday, July 22, 2013

holy's TRIPLETS!!

anyone that's spoken to me in the last 6 months or so has had to listen to me go back and forth about wanting a THIRD baby. am i crazy? some days i would say "hell yes! you're sick. and crazy!" and then other days {like today} i would say "hell no. babies are a flipping "blessing" and i'm not getting any younger." so it's kinda making me sad that today i'm NOT announcing MY pregnancy with triplets (holy crap, i'd shit my pants if i were knocked up with triplets!). rather, i'm announcing the BIRTH of miss julia's {the guinea pig} TRIPLETS! that's right! julia ghoulia is now a mommy! which i guess makes addi a grandma! and me..........wait......scratch that. let's just stick to julia being a mommy. and addi is just a 7 year old girl, and i'm just the mommy to that 7 year old girl. okay? okay. good. i feel better. don't you? good.

now, we weren't exactly expecting triplets. we weren't exactly expecting any GP babies! batman and julia were only 4 and 3 months old, respectively, when we got them. so them being able to procreate at such a young age we thought was pretty much unheard of. well, as we found out, its not THAT unheard of. shoot me now.

julia had been getting fat, like really fat, the past few weeks. batman did the same thing when we first brought him home. now that he was getting loving and not sitting in a glass pet store cage, and getting lots of extra and sometimes fatty foods, we just thought he was getting fat. we actually started calling him FATman instead of batman. which conner didn't and doesn't really appreciate. so when julia started getting fat we just thought it was the same coincidence of her coming to live with us; loving, lots of fat food, etc. but this past week or two she BLEW up. after doing some research on "why is my female guinea pig so freaking fat", it came up that she was either a} sick with tumorous cysts or b} majorly pregnant. so i bit the bullet and called a vet, one the pet store had recommended, and they had an opening that very day. which meant the kids were able to go with me. good? or bad? it was a toss up actually.

poor, fat, julia. these last couple days it was actually hard for her to use her back legs. she had to drag them around behind her because the weight of her belly was too much to handle. poor baby!

dr.doug had many animals up for adoption at his clinic. cats, turtles, rabbits, MONKEYS, snakes. and dr.doug takes care of lots of exotic animals. he had just completed tumor surgery on a leopard, so the kids were hoping to see the leopard. but he had already left to go home. he also had just finished surgery on a very sick kangaroo. how cool would that have been to see!? a baby kangaroo!

the appointment was last monday {a week ago}. and we definitely found out that julia was in fact as healthy as a horse and knocked up with some babies. the dr/vet was kind enough to take xrays of julia's abdomen, at no charge(!), to see if we could find out exactly how many babies she was having. seriously, folks, she was massive! the kids of course got a huge kick out of seeing the babies on the X-ray...and i'm not going to lie, i died a little from the sweetness of it all :) before we left i asked dr. doug when he thought we'd get to meet these little guys in person and he said that she was most likely going to give birth in about 2 weeks. and to just keep taking good care of her and her cage. 2 weeks??? hey julia, guess what? we leave for CA in 3 better get to pushing, missy.

"I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

seriously, poor girl. how the hell she got THREE LARGE babies out of her is still shocking to me.

per the professionals, dr.doug, the vet, and dr.daddy, the brain surgeon, there were only TWO babies in there. HOWEVER! i swore i saw THREE babies in there. both dr. doug and dr. daddy insisted i was wrong and that i was reading the scan incorrectly. well, pin a rose on my nose, because what did julia end up pushing out????? THREE babies!!!

the proud daddy. sweet, sweet, batman. love this guinea so much!

kids and i left last wednseday morning around 845 for the gym, we then were out all day running errands; target, pet store, lunch, grocery store, post office. you know. the usual. so when we came home around 3pm on WEDNESDAY we did our usual "run down to the basement and check on julia" thing. i peered into the cage and didn't really see anything crazy. i figured if she were giving birth it was going to be as bloody and gory as a human birth. so when i peered inside and it all looked normal, i started walking back upstairs to unload all the groceries and target goodies. i put one foot on the stairs and a ddi starts screeching! "MOM! she had BABIES!! LOOK!!! THERE'S BABIES! THERE'S BABIES!!"

we lifted up her purple cave and I'LL BE DAMNED! there's babies. THREE babies! we all started jumping around in a circle and squealing like little girls at a slumber party. we were all so happy!!! i was sad at first because i was so hoping for the kids and i to witness the births, but then thankful that we didn't have to witness it incase she was struggling. seriously? how'd these BIG ASS BABIES come out of such a little mommy?!?!?!? nature is amazing.

baby guinea butts!

yes, two of the three of them have what they call "ruby or pink eyes". no. they are not of the devil. and no, there is nothing wrong with their eyes. some actually believe they have better eye sight than guineas with other eye colors. i was really hoping for a blue eyed guinea! yes. they make those.

i was shocked at how stinking cute these little guys are. so furry and so sweet and tiny. we got to hold them right away. everything we've read said to start "playing" with them so that they can be better acquainted with humans and not so skittish. of course we were TOTALLY down with that! we couldn't wait to get our hands on those cute little babies!

when daddy finally got home that evening {he also couldn't wait to hold them!}, he did a "looksy" to see what julia had given birth to; boys or girls? as of right now we BELIEVE she gave birth to 2 females and 1 male. kids had to name them right away. which makes me think we might have just stabbed ourselves in the foot. once you name something you 99% of the time end up keeping it. do we i now have to take care of FIVE guinea pigs!?!? shit.

{don't mind the crazy-ass hair. bed-head from sleeping in a braid}

the babies have to stay with their mama for at least 3 weeks, 4 is best for the female guineas. so we still have a month with these little guys. maybe in a month, after the "joy" of having babies in our house has left our systems we'll be better about giving them to a loving home {yes, KARA, you're one of the homes i'm referring to ;)}. for now, we're going to love them, keep them healthy, and play with them all the time. the kids {and justin} can't seem to leave them alone. which i think is great!

conner got to name the one boy we believe we have. what do you think he named him?????? ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER. obviously. considering we already have Batman, The Dark Knight. addison got to name the two girls we believe we have. josephina aka josie and piper {daddy helped with this name}

UPDATE: after a further review, we believe we have THREE females. we're heading to dr.doug sometime this week. so hopefully then we'll know for sure what exactly we're dealing with here.

robin, i gotta say is my favorite. he so chill and relaxed. never squeaks. never squirmy. always so laid back and happy when you hold him up against your chest. he's very much like his father, batman. such a chill-laxed guinea. josephina, is much more like her mother ~ CRAZY! and piper is a bit of both. she has a chillaxed side, but then she also has these momentary lapses and turns CRAZY, like her mother.

so, welcome to the world Robin, Josephina, and Piper! hopefully the kids won't drive you too crazy.

the crazy guinea pig family

p.s. now that we have FIVE guineas to care for we had to renovate the guinea's cages so that they all had more room to run around. and Oh. My. God. you know that "crazy cat lady" that has like special homes for all her cats and essentially her whole house has been dedicated to just her cats???? yeah, well, that's essentially what this vintage basement has turned into. a free-range park for these guineas. that's justin for you; he doesn't do anything small, it's either go big or go home. and he went "big" on these guinea's homes. {the kids TOTALLY dig it thought!.......and so do the guineas}

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

mexico......a sunny place for shady people {honeymoon Part Deurrtrrrrx}

let me just say, this is my second post in as many days. seriously? seriously. please just don't jinx this thing i got going on....

supposedly THIS is what they refer to as a "limousine" in belize. i love belize :)

okay, so, back to the story. after 4 days in what i can only describe as heaven here on earth; unicorns, rainbows, chocolate candy trees, maids, butlers, kid-free, "sexy-time" all the time, we head to the beautiful city of riviera maya, located in the shady-ass country of may-hee-co {mexico}! as you know, during this trip we gained a love for chartering small planes. well, justin more so than me. so of course justin did his homework {like he always does} to try and find someway to charter a plane from belize to cancun, mx. guess what? belize and mexico DON'T GET ALONG. and guess what? many people want to fly from belize to mexico, but no so much from mexico to belize. therefore, an easy-peasy 1 hour flight from belize to mexico WASN'T happening. instead, we get to hire another driver and DRIVE from belize to riviera maya. in case you wondering, that's a 5 hour drive playing chicken with on-coming traffic, again. awesome. oh! and also encountering the infamous shady-ass federales i.e. mexican policia.

we encountered them THREE TIMES. pulled over THREE TIMES.

we thought it was ironic to see this sign {quick service} as soon as we made it through the mexican boarder. what, with j loosing his muy importante phone.

and not just pulled over and asked to see our "driver's license and registration". but pulled over and HAVE OUR BAGS SEARCHED, with  automatic rifles in their hands, speaking really, really, REALLY fast spanish. {i KNEW i should've paid closer attention in spanish class} asking us questions and us looking like dumb-ass american dear in headlights. all i kept thinking about were those dumb-ass horror movies i always watch - hostel, touristas, HUMAN CENTIPEDE. you know, where the american tourist are kidnapped and tortured, and their body parts sold on ebay or something. seriously freaking out. and remember, i was wrestling with diarrhea the past week and a half and i SWORE to god i was gonna shit my pants, right there, while they were going through bags, looking for god knows what. oh! and the first time we got pulled over this is what our driver said to us, "play it cool. if they [the federales] ask, tell them this is your uncle's vehicle and i'm just your driver. okay?" whaaaaaaat? seriously? that's how we're playing this "shake down" - LIE TO THE MEXICAN POLICIA??????? j may say he wasn't nervous, but as they were going through our bags in the back of the suv, i looked over at j and he was as white as a ghost {and we were both normally pretty damn tan at this point}.

but! all's well that ends well. they spoke some really fast spanish, checked the registration of our belizian registered vehicle, left our innards intact, and let us go on our marry way. and let me tell you, that was all it took to make me want to go back home. like. now! i never thought i would have missed belize as much as i did at that point in my life.

all of the suites were located on the water/lagoon. so when you first arrived they took you by boat, through the lagoon, to your suite! from your suite you could either catch a "taxi" in the water, request bikes to use on the property, catch a "club car" taxi outside your room, or just walk. unfortunately, we should have stuck to the club cars or walking. the ONE DAY we we request bikes to use on the property, justin has a really bad accident on it. it's his self-proclaimed BLS {born looser syndrome}.

the view of our suite from our private dock on the lagoon.

remember, we were celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary on this "honeymoon", when we opened the doors to our suite this was waiting for us on the table with a sweet note from our house butler. happy anniversary to us!

not mention, THIS was also waiting for us when we arrived. when in rome mexico! not gonna lie, the tequila went faster than those pink truffles they made for us, that's for sure. mmmmmmm....i love me some excellent tequila!

the story behind tequila - pretty interesting read. but to find out it's fermented fruits, kind of made me think twice before drinking it. and two times was enough - because i still downed it like candy.

a couple shots, and daddy's feeling pretty good

it was quite beautiful here. so quiet and serene on the lagoon. 

1 of three pools located throughout the property. this was the one on the beach. gorgeous! it was also the one that most of the families played at. families? yes, families. this was a VERY family friendly resort. we saw kids everywhere! which made me miss my babies that much more. every time i saw blonde haired bubba i cried a little inside for my people, back home, missing me. {come to find out, they had stopped missing me about a week ago....}

admiring the turquoise waters. reminded me a lot of florida's waters. warm and with a beautiful turquoise color.

the "rosebuds kid club" - like a country club for kids. the have nannies here for the parent's convenience.....totally my kind of place! they would take the kids on little adventures {depending on their age}, feed them, give them snacks, BABYSIT them so that you and your sig other could do a dinner in peace and quiet, take them swimming, take them to the spa, etc. as long as we don't have to DRIVE to get here, we'll definitely be coming back to rosewood, with the kids!

after all the fun we had playing chicken in the car and "chatting it up" with the federales, we finally made it to rosewood mayakoba. and boy oh boy, is that one beautiful resort! other than not getting wifi until THE LAST DAY we were there, this resort was amazing. a tad pricey and i honestly don't think the food was worth the price, but the resort was well worth the money. i can definitely see why uncle chris and kaylea chose this place as their wedding weekend venue - and THAT my friends, is the whole reason we are here; to celebrate the wedding of justin's best friend, "uncle chris" {as the kids refer to him}.

just so happened that one of my "guilty pleasure shows" was filming here during our stay. and yes, we ran into the "main characters". i was pretty excited, but kept my cool around them ;) if you watch the show, the season finale for "Giuliana and Bill" was filmed right here! we ate breakfast next to them our last day here. and let me tell ya, baby duke is pretty handsome in person.

probably THEE BEST guac j and i have ever had in our lives!

this is the last time we saw justin with two working feet. it was on this day, and on this bike that he took a HUGE fall when the chain from his bike fell off the gears {that ninja-throwing-device looking thing}. his peddles essentially went limp and he took a hard fall on the bar of the bike and his feet were left dragging behind him. the bad part? yes, his "sacajeweeah" was badly hurt, but he was also wearing flip flops, so while his feet were dragging behind him the ground was essentially "de-gloving" the skin from his toes. i felt HORRIBLE for justin. the rest of our vacation was pretty much ruined. fortunately it was our last night there, unfortunately he still had to squeeze his bloody, hurting, swollen feet into this pointy, new leather wedding shoes for the wedding that night. and in true justin style he took it like a freaking champ! he amazes me ALL THE TIME. it took him about a month to finally stop taking pain meds, and walk normally in his closed-toe shoes. 

DISCLAIMER!!!!you're gonna see some gnarly photos in a sec. if you're into gnarly things, click on the picture and it will enlarge. pretty awesome. 

this is nothing, the other foot looked and felt WORSE! blood was tracked all through the house, and yes, there were a few white hotel towels that were sacrificed.

it was such a fun few days with them, their family and their friends ~ which, surprise surprise(!), became OUR new friends! kaylea did a fantastic job planning this out all the way from the states. all the pre-wedding dinners, rehearsal dinner, flowers, attire, the ceremony and of course the reception. she did an outstanding job, and it all turned out so beautiful. and fun! j and i were actually thinking when/ if we go to renew our vows in a few years, this would be the place to do it. our family and friends would love this resort and it's atmosphere.

kaylea loves the camera, can ya tell?!? hey, when you got it, you got it.

the rehearsal dinner after party was originally to be held on the beach. a big fiesta on the beach! but there were threats of storms in the area so they had to move the fiesta into a large thatched roof pavilion. it turned out perfectly!

too much tequila in their systems. dan chose to put these moves on all on his own. everyone was dying of laughter. this guy was quite the character. he was such a blast to hang out with! and no, he never did knock down the piñata. he was too busy putting on this show that actually forgot to even swing at the damn thing. i love tequila and good people :)

daddy was actually the man that was able to knock the shit out of the piñata! he put a huge a hole in it and it fell to the ground. not much candy fell out when it fell from the ceiling, so he chose to pick it up and spray the candy all around the room. good call, daddy. good call!

uncle chris giving daddy a congratulatory high five for defeating the piñata.

the drunk groom and even drunker groomsmen

as a groomsmen's gift uncle chris had the groomsmen's suits tailored made, and also gave them the ties and collared shirts they wore that day as gifts. such a cool and unique gift!

huh, that sky doesn't look so good. is it going to storm??? on their wedding day??? wait, isn't that supposed to be good luck or something?

the ceremony setting - see, she did a pretty good job planning this whole thing thousands of miles away!

uncle chris helping daddy tie his tie into the "special knot" that chris has chosen.

yes. it DID rain on their wedding. and not just rained, but POURED. i was so sick of rain by this point. ugh.

{notice the special knot in the ties?}

uncle chris waiting out the storm....and anxiously waiting to his bride.

the staff trying SO hard to clear off all the water from the storm. it was a soggy mess. everything was soaked.

the perfectly small wedding party. it was such an intimate wedding; only family, two close friends, and those in the wedding party. it was pretty perfect.

he was beaming as she came down the stairs with her father. he's such a big 'ole teddy bear! {stupid chef guy in the back, totally ruined my shot!}

chris's sister sang a gorgeous ballad along side a harp as a wedding gift to them. her voice brought goosebumps to my skin. she has a beautiful voice.

their vows were beautiful. you were crying one minute and then laughing the next. even justin, my hard as stone husband, cried while chris was reading his. i think it was then that justin realized "maybe michelle was right. maybe we SHOULD have written our vows." just say'n ;) he truly loved they're vows. i started thinking that maybe he should have married chris instead of me!

two families became one.

after the ceremony there were two boats that took everyone over to the reception sight; a beautifully decorated thatch roof pavilion. the food was to. die. for. and the wine was flowing endlessly. such a fun night!

she was so funny - flashing that rock all night long :)

the staff had decorated a club cart for the newlyweds - drove them back to their suite with the sounds of cans dragging behind them. so cute!

and they lived happily ever after!

but after 2 weeks of being gone from our kids and the comforts of our own home and bed, we were ready to hit the road back to the states. our flight was at 8am, so we had to be at the cancun airport by 630am....meaning we had to be in the car and ready to leave by 530am. rough. especially after a night of drinking and kind-of dancing {thank you, justin's tore up feet} with friends. but we managed, and we made it to the airport in time! except, OUR PLANE WASN'T READY! after waiting in the ticketing line for 45min we get up to the counter, hand the woman our passports, and after what felt like 15 minutes of typing on her computer {very "meet the parents"-esque} she finally looks up at us, and in her spanish accent she says "i'm sorry, but your flight from houston to st.louis has been canceled."




2 weeks away from our children, suffering through the "dysentery" i had now had for 2 weeks, surviving small puddle-jumper planes, 4 times(!), dealing with damn federales and their shady antics, justin essentially losing half his toes {kids, remember, don't ride your bike while wearing flip flops - new rule; helmets and closed-toe shoes}, and now MY PERIOD. i couldn't have felt any more awesomer as i did right then when she said "your flight as been canceled". {sarcasm}

she gave us 2 options; take our 8am flight from cancun to houston and then fly out of houston at 5pm the NEXT DAY! {our original flight was to get us into STL by 515 that night} or! you could hang around the cancun airport {which, as you know, is a pretty stellar airport....sarcasm} until 1pm (remember, it's 730am right now and we're pretty tired and somewhat hung-over), hop a flight to miami, fl, hang around that airport until 9pm and finally hop your flight to STL arriving home around 11pm.

we chose option B - and finally got to our car, in airport parking, at midnight. granted, she gave us $40 in "delta coupons". jee, thanks. seriously not happy with delta.

anywho, we were exhausted. i never wanted to see an airport or a plane ever again, in my life. and was super anxious to see our babies. side note; they weren't as excited to see us as we were them. go figure.

our last few days of our honeymoon were rough on me, and i will put most of the blame my period, {don't worry, she's used to it. she gets blamed for a lot of things. even when it's not really her fault....don't tell justin though *wink*}, but this was still such an amazing trip. justin and i got to experience and see so many cool things. i seriously feel so lucky i was able to do this, and with my best friend! and i can NOT WAIT to do it again, but maybe next time, we take the kids :)